American Footballers Stay Fit

How American Footballers Stay Fit

Fitness, strength, and stamina are the three basic qualities of American football players. You have to fine-tune your muscles and the neuromuscular organs to face the tough battle on the field. You have to go through the grilling battle with the opponent players physically and psychologically. For this, you need to work out regularly in the gym and the athletic ground. Speed, precision, and agile movements can earn your team the big points during critical moments.

For example, you can consider the tackling techniques. Your body and mind will need lots of energy to keep the opponent away and push him to the defensive posture. Let’s see how you can do it.

Nutrition Plan

Choosing the right nutrition plan for the day could be a simple task, if you have an experienced coach and nutrition specialist for your team. They can give you some important tips to stay hydrated, healthy, and fit for the training sessions.


Carbohydrates are the most required elements for your body early in the morning. So, you can start your day with a full glass of fruit juice, which contain high quantity, like the bananas blueberries. For breakfast you can opt for multi-grain bread with butter or cheese. You can also use apple or banana to make sandwiches.

Eating raw veggies as salads is also a good recipe for your healthy breakfast. You can add cucumber, tomato, onion, and beet as the ingredients. Mint leaves pepper powder, ginger powder, and cardamom powder can be very good for garnishing.


Meat and fish are rich in vitamin B complexes. B6 and B12 are the two main types that are plenty in meat. For example, lamb liver, salmon, tuna, goose liver, pork, and beef are some examples. If you are a veggie, you can opt for tropical fruits, green peas, nuts, and dry fruits as the primary source of vitamins.


Lean meat is a rich source of proteins. Chicken or turkey breast can act as best sources of proteins apart from calories. Try cottage cheese with brown bread. Yogurt and milk are the two main dairy products which can give you high volume of proteins.

Broccoli is among the top veggies, which has plenty of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The other foods that are rich in proteins are lentils, pumpkin, shrimp, and sprouts.


You may be surprised to see fat among the healthy diets for American football players. It is essential of keep your muscles energetic, strong and flexible. Fat can act as lubricant, energy storage unit, and also source of rich vitamins and proteins. You have to choose the saturated fat foods like dairy foods, beef and pork. You may also choose cream, butter, coconut oil, canola and olive oil. 


High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is the type of good cholesterol which your body needs for developing raw muscular power and stamina for endurance. Fatty fish, beans, whole grains, and nuts are some of the foods that are rich in HDL.


Here, I have given you the basic list of ingredients for the American footballer diet plan. Your nutrition specialist can guide you in choosing the right meal plan using the ingredients. The national football report on player health also suggests the same or similar diet plan.

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