Attractions of American Football

One of my childhood attractions has been the American Football. I love the action, thrill, drama and the passion on the field. It seems every player is obsessed with a single goal of scoring the maximum. Initially, I had no idea about how the scores were kept and declaring the winners. I started taking a keen interest in the sport when I was seven. It is still my most favorite sport at my adulthood. Preparing for a kickoff is the most exciting stage when my adrenaline starts running high. I have never bothered to learn the rules, but I found the referee signals to be very interesting.

Scoring Patterns

Field Goals

It is the moment when the players kick the ball into the post. My most favorite teams have won many matches at the last moment with such goals. The prolate spheroid ball sails through the air at an incredible angle to cross over the post. It is the moment when all the cheerleaders and fans stand up and wave. Earlier I used to watch all of it from my home TV. My dad took me for my first ever match at his old college. He worked as a coach for the college team and that was the final. I found the field goals to be so exciting that they became my favorites, even today.

Touchdown Goals

This is one thing which took many years for me to understand. My dad used to call it breaking the plane. But the plane was never visible to me until I started playing the American Football at the age of 16. My dad taught me all the rules and regulations. It was very important for him, as he liked the sports to be played ethically.

On-field Passion

Playing for my team had been a great matter of pride for me. Wearing those colorful jerseys made me feel like a hero. Later I came to know about the importance of American Football Uniforms. They represent unity, team emblem, service, and so many other positive factors. It was my coach who trained me to play as a team member rather than as a sole player. Then I realized how the on-field passions erupt.

Winning and Losing

I had dreamt of taking my team to wins in every match I played. Somehow the dream never got realized until I was 20. It would be my senior teammates or the boy who just jointed the team. Losing was severe. I used to feel I was responsible. My coach might have observed my behavior on and off the field during those times.

One fine day, he called me for a chat over breakfast. Then he explained the real meaning of the American Football. He trained me and motivated me until I could stand on my two feet, free from false expectations and overwhelming stress of the game.

The Takeaway

I stopped playing the American Football after my college. I am still happy about the way things went for me. Keep reading my posts and enjoying your sports with lots of passion.

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