Hello and welcome to my blog on American Football. As you know, it is tough game with 11 players on each side. You should be familiar with the basic rules, playing techniques, and avoiding injuries during the game. You should be aware of the movements of your opponents and your own team members. Team coordination is a simple but critical factor, which can influence the outcome of the game. In my blog article, I shall explain the key concepts, principles and practices of the game from the perspective of a trainer and a trainee. I shall take you on a fantastic journey through the ecstasies of winning and the agony of losing the matches at the critical stages of American football championship matches.

Role of the Coach

The American Football Coaches Association is the main regulating authorities for the selection of coaches. The teams at the high school, college, and league teams can also take its help for appointing the coaches to their teams. In my blog, I will explain the detailed procedures of coach selection. If you are a budding football coach, I can give you useful tips to prepare for the selection process. In my blog, you can get useful information about the future selection dates, places, teams, and the rules of selections.

Role of the coach is most important in the team unity, integrity, approach and practical methods of play. The coach knows no individual player is bigger than the entire team. At the same time, he knows the importance of every player’s contribution to the team’s success. In my blog I will explain how an effective coach interacts with the individual team members at the professional and personal levels.

Motivating the players is the most important tasks of the American Football coach. The players may show a tendency of aggression or fear based on their and opponents’ approach during tough games. The team may not always keep winning matches. Sometimes, the streak of losing may become so big that the players lose all the motivation to play.

It is at this time that the coach shows the practical limitations of the players’ ability to them. He will also make an inventory of their strengths and limitations. He will show them how to work within the limitations and enhance the abilities.

Role of the Player

  The players may get obsessed about their talents so much that they may forget the team. In other cases the players may get obsessed about their limitations and inconsistency in playing. Even in this case, the team gets affected. The net result will be the sluggish growth, to many losses, frequent injuries, and dropout of players from the team. In my blog, I will share some of the secrets which can promote an individual player to go beyond his physical and mental limitations.

Training Infrastructure

The infrastructural facilities at the training centers play a critical role in shaping a super football player. In my blog, you can read about the best practices of football player training.